Gianism 3.0.1 has been released!

We release Gianism 3.0.1 just now. What about 3.0.0? After releasing 3.0.0, We found bug on Facebook API setting page, so quick fix is added. Sorry for that.

3.0.x is major version up. So if you customize Gianism, please check carefully. We announced before, but repeat the check list again.

  1. Did you customize Gianism? Facebook and Google API has drastic changes and  you site may throw FATAL ERROR(means white screen). User registration hook is the case.
  2. Are you using Google Analytics cron? If yes, update the token.
  3. Did you use Github, Amazon, Yahoo! JAPAN and mixi as login? If yes, check our add on list. Yes, they are paid plugin. This is very painful decision but for sustainable development. We think they are not-popular, but if you have any suggestion, please comment below.

If you found bugs, please contact us. We hope your WordPress gain more users with this update.