This is a sample plugin. Created for testing gumroad integration.

Sekisyo is a sample plugin for exclusive feature.

This does nothing but requires Gumroad license key.

If license key is valid, it show message like “Sekisyo is active”.


Yes, they are open source and any pull requests are welcome!

Get Supported

Grab license at Gumroad and premium support!

Sekisyo Single

  • Simple license of Sekisyo.
  • Works fine with Warifu.
¥ 980/Year
Allows installing 1 site.

Sekisyo 5 Licenses

  • Multiple licenses of Sekisyo.
  • Works fine with Warifu.
¥ 2980/Year
Allows installing 5 sites.

License Manager

Do you have license already? We are developing license manager. Stay tuned on our news letter!


Chat & Forum

Forum is available! We are also working on chats support.


30 Days Refund

All of our premium plugins are refundable within 30 days. Please refer our refund policy.


Yes, GPL.

We respect WordPress license policy and most of our plugins are 100% GPL. Why "most"? Because sometimes we prefer MIT.