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Gianism makes your WordPress more Social. Your user can log in your WordPress via Facebook, twitter and Google account.

Install Gianism

Log in with Facebook.

Why not twitter?

Google? Yes, of course.

And LINE. True.

We have add-ons like Github, mixi and so on.

Service API available for experienced developers.

Every service extensible like Google Analytics, Facebook Graph API and so on.

We have support plan in case you are lost yourself.

Our load maps

We have plans for making our WordPress super social

Natural UX

WordPress is blog tool. So, authors and users are separated. Admin screen is complicated for ordinary user. We are creating plugins which are well integrated with Gianism and make user experience better.

1 to 1

All interactive actions on WordPress are author-centered like comment. Social web site requires 1 to 1 communication like message, chat and non-verbal "like". Besides that, we need notification system. Of course, we are ahead toward them.

Mobile Apps

As long as we know, there are few solution to use WordPress as Mobile App's backend. WP REST API is the one, but there are many things to integrate a bunch of plugins to it. We think all our plugins should be REST API ready.

Are you interested with them? is the living example. Log in and get in touch with us!

Our Plugins

Gianism github

User can log in with Github account.

Gianism Premium

A social plugin for WordPress.


This is a sample plugin. Created for testing gumroad integration.

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