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Gianism Premium Plugin by Fumiki

Sekisyo Plugin by Fumiki

HameSlack Plugin by Fumiki

Never Let Me Go Plugin by Fumiki

Chiramise Plugin by Fumiki

Gianism for Amazon Plugin by Fumiki

Gianism mixi Plugin by Fumiki

Gianism github Plugin by Fumiki

Gianism Yahoo Old Plugin by Fumiki

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Gianism Yahoo Old

Your user can log in to you site with Yahoo! JAPAN account. Buying license and… You can get annual support. 30 days refundable if it doesn’t work. NOTICE: This add on is providing just for backward compatibility. If you consider using Yahoo! JAPAN, please be patient till the day we release newer version. Actually, we have a plan for that.

Gianism Premium

A social plugin for WordPress.


This is a sample plugin. Created for testing gumroad integration.

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