What is the “Sandbox”?

Sometimes, the word “Sandbox” is heard. It means literally a play ground for kids. And in terms of softwares or programming language, it means “the environment which harms nothing seriously.”

Sandbox is often provided to in transactional service like credit card payment gateway. Transaction is very critical, so you need a casual environment where you can make any tries and mistakes.

Take care of where you are

You have to switch 2 environment and be aware of your situation.

For example, PayPal offers sandbox mode and heres a list of what will change.

  • Credentials like API key
  • API Endpoint
  • Dashboard URL

If you are not sure about your environment, such kind of situation may occur.

Oh, my customer claims that he bought a T shirt. But I can’t find order history.

In this case, you may be searching on your sandbox dashboard.


  1. Try many things and make mistakes on Sandbox mode.
  2. When you are ready, get out of sandbox and be adult(production mode).
  3. Don’t forget where you are.