How Gianism works?

Before using Gianism, you have to understand how it works.

3-legged authorization

3-legged authorization is the way Gianism get permission from each SNS. We visualize its conception as eye catch.

For major SNS, 3-legged authorization is the safe way to give permissions for 3rd party app. The implementation of each SNS varies(OAuth 1.0a, OAuth2, etc.), but the points you should know are below:

  • 3rd party should be registered whatever they are(iOS, Android, Web site). If you need facebook login, your WordPress should be registered as facebook app.
  • Users will be redirected to SNS and see consent screen. If users agree with them, they will be redirected to your app. In this case, your WordPress.
  • Allowed app will get user token. App can do what they are allowed with this token.

These are the points.


If app can do everything, it’s horrible. Does Gianism share my nude selfie to facebook which has been unintentionally uploaded? Terrible!

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