Never Let Me Go

A WordPress plugin to delete account.

Even if your WordPress allows your users to register themselves, they can’t remove their own account by themselves. Never Let Me Go allows it for your users. This plugin is the missing piece of WordPress for UGC site.

How It works

By default, this plugin does nothing. Go to setting page and turn it on.

You can select 2 options.

  1. Remove account on profile screen
  2. Remove account on static page

If you allow your user to access wp-admin, choose 1st. Otherwise, you might customize your WordPress with some plugin, create some static page(e.g. Remove Account) and select it.

In 2nd choice, divide page content with <!--nextpage--> tag. On removal process, you will see 1st page of the content. Clicking the agreement button, then you will see 2nd page of the content and your account will have been removed. This process mimics famous SNS. Below is an example:

You are about to resign from our web magazine.
Are you sure to delete your account?
All of your data on our service will be deleted and can't be restored.
Your account has been deleted successfully.
We miss you and hope to see you again.



PHP 5.3 and over.


This plugin’s name is from Kazuo Ishiguro’s famous work “Never Let Me Go”. If you haven’t read it, just try. Very nice Sci-Fi.


Yes, they are open source and any pull requests are welcome!